The ClassX Open Source Project

ClassX is an interactive lecture streaming system initially developed by the Image, Video, and Multimedia Systems (IVMS) research group at Stanford University. ClassX significantly reduces the cost of capturing and publishing educational videos, since the only cost incurred is the cost of the recording equipment (a consumer grade HD camcorder, a wireless microphone, and a tripod).

ClassX offers high resolution video quality over bitrates typical of standard definition video using a technology called “interactive region-of-interest video streaming”. ClassX also offers numerous other forms of user interaction with content and with other users. The synchronization of slides with video and the association of video content with keywords makes it easier for the user to search the video content. Additionally, ClassX provides means of collecting user performance analytics that are of interest to the instructor.

By making the project open-source, it is our goal to encourage contributions from other researchers, developers and educators to build an open, cost-effective and state-of-the-art online education video viewing system for the general public.

Important information

All files available on this site are licensed under the GNU General Public License.

What's new

[April 17, 2012] Added developer installation guide .

[Feb 13, 2012] Added ClassX Mobile client source code for Apple iOS platform.

[Oct 22, 2011] Added ClassX web system (provides web interfaces for site admin, publishers, and users).

[July 12, 2011] Added fast encoding and multi-thread support for ClassXEncoder.

[March 29, 2011] Released ClassX Virtual Server Version 0.5. ClassX Virtual Server allows users to prepare and launch ClassX content with a few steps. Visit here for more information.

[March 19, 2011] Released client player code.

[March 10, 2011] Released source code of video transcoder, automatic speaker tracker, and automatic slide synchronizer. Source code of server module and client player will be released soon.

ClassX for Educators

ClassX can significantly reduce the cost of capturing and publishing educational videos. ClassX requires only consumer grade equipments, and there is no need for professional equipments and staffs.

  • If you wonder what equipments to use to capture video for ClassX, and how to set up the capturing? Visit here for video capturing instruction.

  • So now you have captured some lectures and are eager to share the contents. You can download our pre-configured ClassX Virtual Server to quickly prepare ClassX content and launch the streaming service. With a few steps, you can start ClassX service on a variety of host computers (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, OpenSolaris). Visit here for more information.

ClassX for Developers

If you are excited about ClassX and share our passion to develop cost-effective online education video system for the general public, we invite you to join our development effort. Please visit here for information on accessing the source code and user documents.